oh, hey! i'm alyssa (andrews).

The Short Version: I'm just a babe makin' comics in Portland, OR.

The Long Version: A tiny not-quite-thirty-something creative and impossible human, I am constantly working to evolve my art processes and communicate new ideas. I spent the majority of my youngest years sketching in hospitals and roaming the earth, and experienced my first heartbreak at age 8 during game 6 of the '96 NBA championships. I write and illustrate a regular web series at Autostraddle.com

When I'm not writing and drawing my guts out, I'm hanging with my dog, George, and drinking too many coffees. I've been known to hug a lot when up too late in bars.


here's the gist...

+ SKILLS TO PAY THE BILLS: Illustration! Comics! Zines! Essays! Bar hugs!

+ WHERE MY WORK'S APPEARED: AutoStraddle.com, Glamour, Women's Health Magazine, Folks Web Magazine, Medium, HGTV, Brooklyn Artist's & Fleas, other odd corners of the world wide web/planet, and the permanent collection of my 7 year old nephew's art gallery (NBD).