three feminist super heroes we all need

For the times when Wonder Woman isn't enough, we created these three original super heroines to fight the biggest villain of all: the patriarchy.


When she's not completely owning it in the office, she's smashing the glass ceiling and the office patriarchy with one fell swoop of her Thor-like thunderous gavel. Celia uses her power in the office, and her super hero qualities to fight off misogyny in the workplace, and put a literal dent in the office wage gap and patriarchy once and for all. Make that paper, ladies.


Don't let her size fool you: Pussy Patroll may look innocent and non-threatening in the streets, but once danger arrives she's all things fierce. Leaping into action with her GPS trackers, techno lassos, and tiny pawed death grip, Pussy uses her savvy brain and super strength to fight off street harassment, cat-calling, and trollers of women.

A true lady force to be reckoned with, she uses her super senses to sniff out danger and arrives on the scene to protect would-be victims from domestic abusers. Rather than fending off bad guys with even more violence, Violet yields her hot iron shield to create a forcefield keeping abusers at bay and women and children safe from harm.

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