Sweaty teamwork makes this dream work.

We know, we know. We took a brief break, but we're back! And in our time away, Alyssa got back into that singles game, and Scott kept going on bad dates! Lucky you! What we're trying to say is, we're putting on extra deodorant and upping our game, taking this project of ours from coast to coast.
Awwwwwww yeeeeeeaaaah.


Scott Muska

Scott is a writer and unselfish lover who lives in Brooklyn. He likes reading, red wine, and getting drunk and watching emo videos on YouTube until the sun comes up. He sweats and pees more than anyone else you know, and is mostly ambivalent about long walks on the beach. You can get touch with him via email here or @scottmuska on twitter.

Ladies, he's single. 


Alyssa andrews

Alyssa is a tiny illustrator and weird human just trying to make it in this fudged up world. She hates long walks on the beach, is obsessed with documentaries & talking about her period, and - like her partner in crime - has a tendency to sweat an absurd amount. Catch her on instagram: @alyssathrills, or @alyssashmalyssa on twitter. 

Ladies, she's single.